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Chandelier Lamp Shades

European Drum Chandelier Lamp Shade Beige Linen Color


Chandelier Lamp Shades, Lot of 6, Small Clip on


Urbanest Cotton Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shade, Lampshade,3"x6"x5", 5 Colors


Clip On Lampshade Lamp Shade Chandelier Tan Gold Fabric Embroidered Flourish FS


Beige Burlap 6 Inch European Drum Style Chandelier Lamp Shades (Set of 2)


Urbanest Cream Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade Clip On Bell Softback 3"x6"x5"


Hardback Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades, 3"x 4”x 4” Black, Set of 6


European Drum Style Chandelier Lamp Shade 6 Inch Beige Linen Clips Onto Bulb


Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade Bell Shape Clip On Faux Silk 3"x6"x5' Taupe Beige


Urbanest Faux Leather Chandelier Lamp Shade Hardback,Leather Laced Trim 3x6"x5”


9 Clip On 4” Mini Lamp Shade Covers Gold Colored Fits Small Chandelier Bulbs


White Linen 5 Inch Chandelier Lamp Shades


6 Candle Lamp CHANDELIER Shades Clip on Bulb WHITE PAPER - Can Be Decorated


5 Mini Lampshades Chandelier Lamp Shades Blue White Stripe Striped


Urbanest Cotton Chandelier Lamp Shade, 3x6x5"


Urbanest Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades,5",Bell Silk,Taupe w/ Double Trim,Set of 6


Urbanest Cream Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades Set of 7, Soft Bell 3"x6"x5" Clip on


Urbanest Swirl Pleated Chandelier Lamp Shades Bell, 3"x6"x5" Off White, set of 2




Urbanest Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades,5",Bell Silk,Taupe with Braid Trim,Set of 5


Urbanest Satin Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shades,3"x6"x5"


Beige Fabric Chandelier Lamp Shades ~ Set of 3 ~ Fabric Lined Clip-On 5" High


Modern Small Lamp Shades Textured Fabric Ceiling Chandelier Light Cover New


Urbanest Linen Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade, Clip On, Hardback, 3"x 6"x 5"


2 Floral Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades 2.5" X 5" X 4.5" Cloth Covered


Urbanest Chandelier Lamp Shade, 3 x 6 x 5", Empire Clip On, Ever Green


4 Small Lamp Shades Fabric Pleated Victorian Trim Brown Tan Clip On Chandelier


Urbanest Chandelier Lamp Shade Bell Silk Softback w/ Double Trim 3"x5"x4.5"


Chandelier Lamp Shade Covers With Beaded Fringed (set of 4)


Urbanest Faux Leather Chandelier Lamp Shade Hardback,Laced Trim 3x6x5, Set of 2


Urbanest Silk Bell Chandelier Lamp Shade, 3x5x4.5"


(2) Fabric Chandelier Lamp Shades Golden Brown Taupe


Split Wood Chandelier Lamp Shade


Urbanest Gray Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade,Softback Bell,Silk,3"x6"x5",Clip On


Chandelier Mini Lamp Cream Shades Bell Softback 4" X 4 3/4" X 3" set of 6


Lamp Shades Chandelier Linen Fabric Lined White 4" 6 Clip on Hand Decorated


6 Candle Lamp CHANDELIER Lined Shades Cloth Covered Lamp Shade ~ Ivory


Set of (4) Chandelier Mini Bell Clip-on Lamp Shades Cream 4"x 3" x 6"


Vintage green lot burlap Lamp Shades Chandelier Mini Clip On table Lamp Shade


Urbanest Linen Chandelier Lamp Shade, 6-inch


Clip on Chandelier Lamp Shades Black With Gold Lining Set of 5 +1(See Details)


Urbanest Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades 6-inch,Hardback,Cheetah,3"x6"x5",Set of 2


Lot of 5 Rustic Birch Bark Chandelier Lamp Shades